Track Your Favourite TV Shows Easily

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With fall TV round the corner, wouldn’t it be cool if you could track your favorite TV shows easily on smart devices? You can with these apps
Track Your Favourite TV Shows

Life ‘s hard to handle as is, but this doesn’t mean that your TV schedule should resemble the same chaos, hence we present to you a way to track your favourite TV shows!

Fall TV is about to begin and tons of new TV shows are about to make their premiere viewing, and looking at my schedule, I personally cannot handle 13 new series and 11 old ones, although in a weeks time I’ll know which shows will be continuing their journey with me and which won’t. However, I need to make sure that I have some calendar that can help me keep a track of them all, right?

So I have made a list of apps (that are available on iOS, Android and Windows Phones) that can track your favourite TV shows without any problem. All you need to do is install the ones that seem good and then add the TV shows you watch / intend to, and it will keep a track of them for you and remind you which show is coming where and at what time.

Apps to Track Your Favourite TV shows


This is the ultimate hub to track your favourite TV shows. Not only is this the only info provider for all the three platforms but it opens the avenue to get any app that they provide the feed to. Once you download the app you want of your choosing, it automatically notes the episodes you’ve watched, highlights episodes you haven’t and of course helps you find new and similar shows to watch. Note, TrakT doesn’t have an app of its own, but their API is used by tonnes of apps on all three platforms. Just go to the website and pick the app of your choosing on the preferred platform. My personal favourite on Android is SeriesGuide. Its simple, colourful and has every show on it.

TV Guide

This is a no-brainer; if you need info regarding any TV series, TV Guide is your go-to hub. It is available on both apple and Google play store. So what can this app do? You can make a watch list of your personalised TV show, movies, sports teams and find where on TV they are found. It also gives links to watch TV and movies instantly on channels such as HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Crackle and more. But if you are outside the preferred geo-location, just turn on your DNS service, and you can benefit like everyone else and view the videos. It also gives you a list of trending shows and you can of course set up alerts and add check-ins. There are some downsides to TV Guide, however; the app will ask you for your PO Box so it can show you the listings according to the cable, satellite or antenna you use. The interface may be stuffed but hey, it can track your favourite TV shows easily!

Follow Shows

FollowShows is pretty much like TV Guide app but without the extra perks and it is only available on Google play store. You can add your TV listings, and the app will notify you about the episodes. It shows you a calendar that lists all the episodes of the week and of course each episode comes with a blurb. On Android, you can install the app on smartphones and tablets both. The interface is clean, but there are ads which you can remove by purchasing an upgraded app. If your internet is giving you a decent speed, then you can also watch episodes directly from the app.


Next Episode

NextEpisode is available on both apple and Google play store. It offers a bunch of services for free. It has a “Stuff to Watch” tab which automatically adds new episodes (of the shows you choose to track) to the list, and lets you remove them as you watch them. It has a custom episode tracking calendar, so you can see when new episodes are airing. There is a search function that lets you add a link to shows, allowing you to jump right to the service you where you access that show (whether it be piratebay, Hulu, etc.). You can define your search parameters. I tried the app, but its nothing compared to SeriesGuide (which I already mentioned above) that has never given me any problem in tracking my favourite TV shows.



Moviebase is available only on Google play store. It is an easy way to discover, find and track your personal movies, series and actors with a beautiful and intuitive design. You can access posters and backdrops, watch trailers, read users reviews and comments, get recommendations and be up to date with additional information. Check out the world of movies and TV shows with a huge amount of categories such as upcoming and trending. Keep track of movies, series and actors you have explored: create your own Watchlist or custom lists, save your favorites, browse through your ratings, and follow your beloved actors.

Honorable Mentions

If you want a printable calendar stuck on your door or somewhere else, then you should check out TV Calendar. The calendar is scary looking, but I hope there is a way to refine it down to the shows you prefer. If not, heck you can always print the whole month and black out the TV shows that (in your opinion) are plain crappy. TV Show Tracker 3 is compatible with the Apple Watch if you’re into that kind of expensive things.

Televised has launched their new app and they claim it to be cooler than the predecessor. Available on iOS devices, the app, looks simple with a clean interface. If you are into loading an app on TV, then TV Show Favs is worth looking at, sadly this is for Android devices only, but you can ask them to build an app for iOS if you like their interface from screenshots.

Is there any other app that can track your favourite TV shows easily and is free too? Let us know in the comments and do specify why you think it should be mentioned here!

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