How to Move Your Chats from WhatsApp to Telegram in iOS Easily

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Moving from WhatsApp to Telegram? Here’s how you can move your chats in iOS from WhatsApp to Telegram easily
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With all the chaos WhatsApp made with its new privacy policy, hoards of people moved away, prefering Signal and Telegram specifically.

While both Signal and Telegram are now in the spotlight of how really secure they are, the companies have begun rolling out ways to welcome the users and to help the onboarding.

Switching is never easy, be it a home, a mobile or even an app! Its a whole new experience and the pains of getting acclamatised is never easy. But there is a way you can move all your conversations (one at a time) from WhatsApp to Telegram in iOS devices easily.

How to Export WhatsApp Chats to Telegram

Its a simple an easy gig really… but before you can begin, update both WhatsApp and Telegram as this is a crucial step in making sure things go smooth.

Do keep in mind this is for iOS devices only and works not as a whole but 1 conversation at a time.

  1. Open a chat conversation in WhatsApp you wish to export or move to Telegram.
  2. Go into Contact Info
  3. Scroll down and select “Export Chat”
  4. Select one option depending on your preference of Attach Media or Without Media.
  5. Once the app is ready, you will get the option to select the target app. Select Telegram.
  6. Once you authorise the Telegram app it will ask you to accept the Import in a conversation.
  7. Select the conversation you wish to move the chats to
  8. Now wait while Telegram starts and finishes the import.

There are a few things you should know from before, its an iOS only feature, both apps needs to be updated before and you can only move your chats one conversation at a time.

Once the import finishes you will see that while each chat bubble will have its time and stamp of original date, it will show as all under “Today” meaning its all loaded today.

So apart from this one negative aspect… and well, one chat at a time, and the iOS only bit, you are good to go.

If moving chats is not a high priority but your privacy and security is, we have a whole list of alternative messaging options of WhatsApp and Facebook.

Did you face a bug while moving your chats?


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