Best Apps for Traveling Abroad and Having a Comfy Experience

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Its fun to have adventures while travelling, but if you want a comfy experience, download these essential travelling apps.
best apps for traveling abroad

If you are an avid traveller, you should have certain apps on your smartphone to help you get around easily. These essential apps don’t just keep your travelling experience aligned but they also prevent mishaps.

Here are some essential apps for a comfy traveling experience.

Travel Planning Apps

These apps help you plan your upcoming trip and make an itinerary.

  • Hopper: You can input your travel plans and the Hopper will tell you when is the best time to book your flight; you can read our review of Hopper too.
  • TripIt: It takes all your reservations and automatically turns them into an itinerary. You can view this itinerary anytime, even when you are offline. Apps are available on both iOS and Android. Just make sure you do the reservations first.
  • Packing Pro: Its a to-do list but for packing. The app helps you keep track of what you have packed and how much of it as well.

Travel Budgeting Apps

Managing finances is critical when you travel. It is important to have emergency cash so that you never have to worry about falling short on cash. Ensure you have the necessary e-documents stored in your smartphone or cloud and if you believe in having an insurance, then get a good travel insurance for your trip.

  • Trail Wallet: It helps you organise your expenses with a few screen taps. The daily budget feature gives you details of how much you are spending each day. You can log your receipts and bills to keep a tally of your spending.
  • Splittr: It is a great app for tracking shared expenses. You can track expenses in multiple currencies, and set how the expenses are to be split amongst the group.

Travel Booking Apps

The following apps help in booking flights, hotels or vacation rentals.

  • LoungeBuddy: You can book entrance into any airport lounge for a one-time fee and no subscription charges.
  • Book a vacation rental place anywhere in the world. You can either book it for one night or for a long-term stay.
  • Skyscanner: It helps you search, compare and book cheap flights, car rentals and hotel anytime, anywhere in the world.

Transportation Apps

These apps enable you to commute easily in any place you visit.

  • Uber: Available in 700+ cities You can request a car and tell the driver where to pick you up by dropping a pin on the map. The app also gives you an estimate of the fare.
  • Careem: It operates like Uber but is available in 150+ cities. The payment is made via credit or debit card, or other form of payments which are country specific.
  • Getaround: It’s a car-rental on demand. You can join for free and there is no monthly and annual fee.

Download these apps before you start planning your next trip. You can enjoy a smooth and stress-free journey.

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